Y members wearing masks

COVID-19 Information, Guidelines and Protocols

A Covid-19 Waiver and Code of Conduct must be signed prior to use of the facility. You can sign it online, in advance, to expedite your return. Please make sure to share the Covid-19 Code of Conduct with anyone on your membership. Only one member of a household is required to sign the waiver for the family unit.

COVID-19 Release and Waiver

  • Masks are required at all times in the Y facility except when swimming, showering or using the hot tub. 
  • Y staff will be wearing masks, cleaning and sanitizing high-use areas and enforcing 6-foot physical distancing requirements throughout the facility.

Call the Welcome Center for more information: 541-686-9622. 

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Specific COVID-19 guidelines for Y programs are listed below:

Aqua Exercise


Lap Pool & Hot Tub

Locker Room

Tennis Center

Wellness Center & Facility

Youth Development

Welcome Center

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